My name is Mateusz Bysiek. I was born in Warsaw, Poland, and since junior high school was fascinated with doing creative work on computers. Now, I'm a software developer with many interests - most interested in heterogeneous programming using mixture of OpenCL with C++ and C#. My architecture of choice is any modern computer with CPU and GPU.

This site is generally a description of a subset of applications that I've developed or am developing right now - a kind of portfolio of my projects. I try to organize all content in a meaningful way, usually by programming language or technology involved. Site is powered by Drupal. Long time ago it was Joomla, but a lot has changed since then.

Open source

Lately, I do a lot of open source. Some of the projects are mentioned on this page, but if you are looking for a way to get access to almost all of my GPL'ed or Apache-licensed projects, use links below.

My profile on Assembla:

My profile on GitHub:


You may find my profile on LinkedIn, but if you'd like to read my more detailed CV, please use the contact form or let me know via email:
mb@ this domain