Set of technologies used to realise projects. Most of the time, a technology is closely linked with a specific language.


Software framework developed by Microsoft, I use it mainly for Windows desktop applications and libraries, but also for web development, and on Linux via Mono. Although .NET supports many languages, for me .NET programming is a synonym for C# programming.

Dragonfly CMS

Open-source, PHP content management system.


Web development framework, created in PHP, used for example to create this website.


Shockwave/Adobe Flash is an alternative solution (from HTML+CSS+JS) to create dynamic web pages.

Joomla! CMS

One of the most popular PHP-based open-source content management systems.


Open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).


Open Computing Language - an open standard for high-performance heterogeneous programming. OpenCL is in most part an API, but it is also a programming language that is based on C99. It is a simplified version of C99, so projects involving OpenCL are in a sense projects involving C.


Open Graphics Library. It is a widely supported and popular standard in computer graphics. See for more information.


Very feature-rich and portable C++ framework, initially developed by Nokia.


Windows Presentation Framework, a .NET desktop GUI development framework based on a mixture of C# (well, at least for me it is just C#) and XAML.