Archive, June 2009

Flash/PHP web page

This was a project, in which a small team developed a simple web page in Flash, and a site based on Joomla CMS with common Web 2.0 functions like forum and user gallery. The promotional side of the page had a very simple content management, as the content was meant to be rather static. On the other hand, it involved dynamic graphics implemented in Action Script.

Agile methods were used, and immediate feedback resulting from frequent communication with client enabled the team to adapt to changing requirements and deliver a satisfying solution within anticipated time frame.

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Web development

I've been doing web development since 2009, and I am still involved in part-time web projects. I've started with simple HTML/CSS pages, then moved to PHP, later I had some experience with ActionScript (Adobe/Shockwave Flash). My latest web development experience is Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET MVC, however I still develop in PHP.

SEO was a vital part of almost all my web projects. Here there are some of my solo works, and those I completed with a small team.