Bitmap Editor

Bitmap Editor screenshot: using inverse filter
Bitmap Editor screenshot: after ordered dithering
Bitmap Editor screenshot, after error diffusion
Bitmap Editor screenshot, choosing line colour
Bitmap Editor screenshot, line drawn without multisampling
Bitmap Editor screenshot, comparison: with and without multisampling

Simple bitmap editor done in WPF. I've coded it in C# and XAML, and I've used several very helpful WPF libraries such as WPF Toolkit and WPF Converters - I use those libraries in almost all of my WPF projects as they contain many controls and routines that greatly simplify UI development in WPF.

Application has the following features:

  • saving as .bmp and loading bitmaps
  • collection of predefined function filters such as: inverse, grayscale, sepia, brighten, darken, ...
  • filters can be applied for the whole image, or using a customizable brush
  • custom 1-1 function filters
  • dithering: ordered dithering with customizable matrix size and levels count
  • dithering: error diffusion using one of several kernels (Floyd-Steinberg, Jarvis Judice Ninke, Burke's, Stucky's) with customizable number of levels
  • drawing lines with optional multisampling
  • drawn lines may be edited afterwards
  • app window can be resized to fit the image
  • for experiments: sample bitmap with palette can be generated
  • for experiments: image can be quickly reloaded from disk

Bitmap Editor is open-source, and below are links to the project activity page, and to the repository.

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