OpenStageSDK is a software development kit (SDK), which I've developed for OpenStage 60/80 SIP phones during my internship in Siemens Enterprise Communications (now Unify). Main purpose of it is making creation of OpenStage 60/80 XML applications a lot easier. OpenStage phone has several APIs (application programming interfaces) for: creating GUI (graphical user interface), direct key input, audio streaming and push. OpenStageSDK makes it easier to use these APIs, because it unifies them into a single library.

Moreover, this SDK is written in such a way that only elementary programming knowledge is needed to start development. It is free and open source software and was made using such software. Document OpenStageSDK intro - creating applications for OpenStage.pdf provided below will guide you trough the first steps.

To show capabilities of the SDK, I have also prepared 2 example applications that use the SDK:

  • Google Define - a very simple app that lets you check definition of a word directly from OpenStage phone using Google.
  • Open IM - a client-server application that lets users of OpenStage phones belonging to the same local network (clients) exchange instant messages via a central service that runs on some other machine in the same network (server).

Links to self-hosted repositories of all 3 projects are available below. The SDK is also available at GitHub. Additionally, there's an all-in-one package (however, without updates) published on corporate Wiki on 30 Nov 2011: . The same package is available from here also, via a link below.

All code and documentation is published under Apache 2.0 license:

Programing languages: