Data exchange platform

It is a non-commercial project, a page that I've made for my student group while we were beginning our computer science studies. The platform is based on Joomla CMS, but is also integrated with other tools, like Google Calendar. Via the platform, students may upload materials, inform each other about important events, and share any other useful content. Another thing that differs this project from commercial ones, is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was done in reverse, i.e. the web page was made invisible to search engines, to get rid of most of random and unwanted traffic.

Main page:
data exchange platform, main page

Example how the news look, with option to leave a comment:
data exchange platform, single piece of news

data exchange platform, forum

data exchange platform, materials

Timetable with lectures, tests, exams, and other events:
data exchange platform, timetable/calendar

Contacts, every user may enter his contact information, and everything is displayed on a single page:
data exchange platform, contacts

Links with tracking feature, so that most frequently visited links can be displayed in some menu:
data exchange platform, useful links

Programing languages: